The Difficulties Of Dutch-English Translation

There are several reasons why the Dutch to the English translation is much more difficult than other languages commonly translated into English. Some people even consider it easier to translate from the Romance languages (like French, Spanish, and Italian) to English; although English and Dutch both have a common ancestry Germanic! Much of the intimidation factor surrounding Dutch translation is the fact that the Dutch are always closely related to German and retains some of its most confusing and difficult movements. While the Dutch translation is impossible and perhaps not as difficult as some claim, there are some questions you should always take into account.

To start with spoken Dutch utilizes a number of pronunciation twists that trip up a number of would be translators. These questions revolve largely on the number of Dutch words are written the same way as their English counterparts, but are pronounced significantly different. There number of words in Dutch that feature characters that are not found in English and other European countries. In general, the spelling of the word does not always match exactly, or at all, its pronunciation, which understandably can cause all sorts of problems for the Dutch translation and interpreting.

The construction of Dutch words does not make things easier, because they have inherited the Germanic tendency to expand and permanently increase the complexity of words to create their names, instead of coming up with a completely new word. This trend in the results of the many names that are exceptionally long and confusing, both in pronunciation and writing, especially in the words of many Dutch people tend to combine the long vowels consonant strings at least. To compound the confusion of words mammoth is not uncommon to be reduced by native speakers beyond all recognition.

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