A Summary From A Translation Company

Dutch language began to take form at the center of the fifth century AD. The language spoken by the population of the Netherlands in the past was known as recent Dutch and it developed from Lower Franconian (Niederfränkisch), a dialect of Low German.

Middle Dutch was the language used throughout the twelfth and also the fifteenth century and since the year 1500 we will speak of contemporary Dutch, a language terribly kind of like normal Dutch, the language currently utilized by the Dutch people. Normal Dutch is termed “Algemeen Beschaafd Nederlands” which means “general civilized Dutch”.

The name of the Dutch language comes from the word Dietsc / Duutsc (language of the people), as people used to decision it within the middle Ages.

Dutch may be a West Germanic language spoken within the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname and different Dutch colonies, additionally as in tiny elements of Germany and France. It’s a political candidate standing within the Netherlands, Flanders, Suriname, Aruba and also the Netherlands Antilles and it manages to total up around twenty three million native speakers worldwide (15 million residing within the Netherlands).

Dutch used to be the official language of South Africa till 1961, contributing to the event of Afrikaans, one amongst the official languages of South Africa.

Dutch has many dialects, the foremost vital being Flemish, spoken in Flanders (Belgium). Compared to plain Dutch, it uses older words and a softer pronunciation.

Like the different Germanic languages, Dutch uses the Latin alphabet. As a particularity, it contains the cluster of letters “3” that stands for the additional common “y” that is employed solely in foreign words.

Dutch language has 3 genders (masculine, female and neuter) however they’re very often reduced to two (common and neuter). Cases are used mainly for pronouns, whereas common nouns and adjectives don’t seem to be case inflected.

The Dutch vocabulary is predominantly of Germanic origin and it’s one amongst the richest within the world, containing approximately 190,000 words.

Other particularities of the Dutch language are the intensive use of doubled letters (mostly as a result of the formation of compound words) and also the devoicing of all consonants at the top of the words.


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