Translation Memory

Translation memory, commonly named as ‘TM’, could be a database that stores previously translated text. Most ordinarily utilized in conjunction with laptop aided translation (CAT) tools, like Trados or DejàVu, it’s utilized throughout the interpretation method to assist with new similar translation content.

Nowadays, a huge quantity of translators and translation agencies use CAT tools and TMs as a part of their daily work. Translation agencies are ready to develop client-specific translation reminiscences so as to supply consistent and cost-effective translations, even when totally different individual translators are used.

A translation memory consists of text segments (paragraphs or sentences, however not single words) in a very supply language and their translations into one or additional target languages. Together, these pairs of segments type so-called translation units.

Although TMs may be used in a very style of translation situations, they’re at their most useful when used with highly repetitive texts. They’re conjointly notably useful when translating newer versions of previously translated documents. During this state of affairs solely new content would wish to be translated because the TM can establish previously translated content. This could represent a substantial time and price saving furthermore as aiding within the production of consistent translations.

Translation reminiscences are extraordinarily advantageous in varied ways:


TMs facilitate to make sure consistency through the presentation of previously translated content. This can be notably vital if variety of translators work for an equivalent shopper or on an equivalent project over time.


TMs permit translators to hurry up the translation method. When applicable knowledge is in a very translation memory, the translator is presented with previously translated segments, in order that they ought not to be translated once more. Translation reminiscences conjointly establish partial content matches.


TMs facilitate to cut back the value of long-term translation comes, or regular translation of comparable content. Once content has been translated, repeat content want never be translated once more – even though it’s in a very totally different document at a special time with a special translator.

Translation reminiscences might not be appropriate for text of a non-repetitive nature. Though in principle they’ll be used as an aid to any variety of translation, in some cases their use ought to be avoided. It’s attainable that in some circumstances use of translation memory may flip a translation into a mechanical method, damaging the style, flow and creativity of a text.

This article solely scratches the surface on the advantages, pitfalls and application of translation memory. However, it’s an especially powerful tool that delivers tangible edges to the shopper, translator and translation agency. To find how translation memory will profit your organization or to seek out additional concerning translation services, get to bear with certain Languages these days.


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