Specialization In Language Translation Matters

The demands of today’s market need that competent skilled translators specialize in specific fields of knowledge to render accurate translations. Simply because it is not a good idea to hire a technical writer to write down a legal contract, one wouldn’t use a technical translator to attempt a literary translation. Each activity has to do with translation, but they involve a totally different set.

Some of the fields of specializations for translators are:

Health Care business

Medical translation services are very important to providing quality care to foreign language speakers. Hospitals, emergency rooms, doctor’s offices, public health organizations and nurses’ stations utilize Spanish to English translators to assist make the check-in method easier, as well as acquiring an accurate patient information for patient records. Medical translation services assist in the translation of medical records, consent forms, insurance claims and medical histories. Research labs also use language translators to assist in translation of clinical trials and research, as well as patents and licensing. Medical equipment manufacturers typically require the use of Spanish translators to write down manuals and instructions in the appropriate language for Spanish language users who will be using the equipment. Catalogs that contain descriptions of the equipment also require careful translations so that customers can read and understand.


Law firms consider accurate translations to help them with every aspect of their work with non-English speaking clients and countries. A good legal translation can take the English-based version of documents such as discovery papers, mergers and acquisitions materials, patents and logos, summons, immigration paperwork and wills, and translate them accurately into/from the foreign language. Several people need certified translations to submit their paperwork for legal or immigration purposes.


Banks and insurance corporations use translators to translate documents routinely for clients as well as to communicate with partners and associates in foreign countries. Financial establishments usually need professional translators to work on business reports, research, minutes, agreements, financial statements, contracts, public offerings, policies and claims, proposals, and litigation, translating documents from English to foreign languages.


The business community also needs the services of professional translators. Good translators are sought after by public relations departments for translating marketing documents, advertising and catalogs into foreign-language versions for their customers. Our clients also provide foreign language speaker with the documentation in their own language as investment data. Businesses also use interpreters who work on the telephone, translating client messages into the suitable language for the company. Other business applications include the translating of websites. Due to the global reach of internet websites, it makes sense to make sure that your websites can be read by those who speak the target language.

The craft of the language translator is as specialized and demanding as in many fields of information. Bear in mind that when you need to translate important documentation into/from a foreign language, you ask for the services of a professional language translator who are going to be trained to supply a well written and accurate rendition of your original text. Don’t look for just a bilingual colleague; look for professional translators that are native speakers, trained as translators, experiences more than two years and with a high degree of specialization in their fields of information.


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